Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) 2016 Contract/Grant Solicitations

This site provides information on DOR's current solicitations by Program including: Request for Proposal (RFP), Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Application (RFA) and Request for Information (RFI). In addition, Intent to Award Notices are provided.

RFA / RFP / RFI / IFB requests listed by due date can be found at the bottom of this page, or quick linked at:

Current RFA / RFP / RFI / IFB Requests Listed by Due Date

A listing of DOR Intent To Award Notices by Fiscal Year and Date of Notice can be found on our:

Current Intent To Award Notices Page

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All RFAs / RFPs / RFI / IFBs are available by going to the State of California "official" website: Contracts for State of California on BIDSYNC

RFA / RFP / RFI / IFB Requests Listed by Due Date in RTF:

All documents below are in Rich Text Format (RTF) unless otherwise noted in parentheses.

Due in 2016 (LISTED BY DUE DATE)


Contract/Grant Solicitations Due in 2015

Contract/Grant Solicitations Due in 2014

Contract/Grant Solicitations Due in 2013

Contract/Grant Solicitations Due in 2012